“Old people of Reddit, did you endure a “quarter life crisis”?

Quarter Life Crisis

July 29, 2021

In preparation for my Quarter Life Crisis Navigation Course I’ve been looking around the internet in the Quarter Life Crisis corners to to see if anything new and exciting happened.

​I found something.

Although not recent, I stumbled upon this Reddit thread…

I’m not a Reddit native so it took me a while to realise that there’s actually a group called Ask Old People.

I just thought he was being very…ummm…straight-forward. Lol!

But now that’s cleared up, let’s use this gem of a thread and pull out some learnings.

The problem is...

He doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life and he kind of thought he would by 25.

The problem also is…

He doesn’t have an effective strategy for finding out what he will find fulfilling.

His strategy has been:

  • Try a job out
  • Don’t like it? Leave.
  • Hope next job feels better.

It’s not a terrible strategy at all.

It’s the same strategy I had in my QLC and I’ll tell you what, it gets you experience, builds a network and it means you don’t fear change or get stuck at jobs for years on end.​

However, soon, the strategy wears you down. You get so tired of endlessly being on the job hunt and of always being the newbie learning yet another set of people’s names and fire exits.

All you want is to figure out where your place is in the world.

But how?

If only there was some kind of roadmap he could follow….

Well, he might not know it yet, but he’s following The Hero’s Journey steps to a T!

Side note, one of my favourite webinars to run is The Hero’s Journey as it’s perfect for anyone transitioning and lost, so join my newsletter to find out when the next one will be, but in the meantime, here’s a handy diagram of THJ to help.

The Hero’s Journey

He’s experienced Step 2 of The Hero’s Journey which is The Call to Adventure.

That call isn’t always feel good. A lot of the time it’s uncomfortable.

It has to be!

It’s meant to drive you away from the Ordinary World/ Status Quo (which is Step 1).

And the step after that, is 3 – Refusal of the Call.

He says he doesn’t mind settling – “I’d be perfectly content with…”

That’s fear talking.

Fear of the unknown place that this call is taking him.

His instincts, are those of the Hero (which is us too, we’re all heroes made for this journey).

He’s felt the need to seek wisdom from the elders.

​Get a mentor

Step 4 of The Hero’s Journey is Meeting the Mentor and that’s exactly what he’s done!

So even though the guy feels lost and he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s actually following the ancient template of the hero – The Hero’s Journey.

You’re probably not that lost

From my experience working with Quarter Life Crisis’ navigators, I can tell you, you’re not as lost as you judge yourself to be.

I see you, feeling super stuck and lost.

But it’s actually part of the process.

If you’re doing like this guy and asking questions, seeking answers, learning, expanding your horizons, you’re on the right track.

​You may just need a mentor.

When you’re ready, I can help you navigate your Quarter Life Crisis via my course or 121 work.

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