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The Career Clarity Program: self-study

This is the self-guided version of the Career Clarity program. If you can't wait to get started, if you love going at your own pace and you want a course that works, this is for you.
Duration: There are 6 modules which you can do in 6 weeks, or if you're super quick, then it can be done in a week or two.


group program

The Career Clarity Program

This is a personal and professional development course with a group coaching program element. It's for you if you're thinking of changing jobs but don't know where to start. 
Duration: 8 weeks
Dates: 23rd Sep - 18th Nov 2022


Work with me today or in a few months time. Whatever your preference, I have an option for you. I've given you the headliners here. Click into each for more juicy info. 

Returning client?

What are you doing here?! Email me. 

If we've worked together 1:1 before or you've done one on my programs, you have access to a different way of working with me.

1:1 Coaching

The Life & Career Audit

This is a power hour that is a chance to step back and look at your life as a whole, helping you cut through the day-to-day noise and see the bigger picture. You'll get clear on what you need to do, and your coach will give you a report on possible next steps. 
Also great if you're not sure if you need coaching. The report will let you know whether you would benefit from coaching, therapy or just some books or exercises.  


1:1 Coaching

Career Change Coaching

This is initially a 3 month coaching program with the option of continuing on for a month or two. 
This is for anyone looking to leave a job, make a career pivot or re-train completely. Also for anyone just been made redundant or in between jobs. 
We work on clarity, purpose and an action plan. 


1:1 Coaching

Coaching for creatives

Monthly one-on-one coaching for self-employed creatives and freelancers. 
This is great for working on getting over your fear of rejection or criticism when you put yourself out there, working on your money mindset, as well as honing down your creative work schedule so you work WITH your natural rhythm, not against it. 


Your work could be paying for this.
Ask if they have a learning budget for your personal/ professional development. 

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Here's what it's like working with me 1:1

Thanks to Dina I realised that through design I could also live a work life aligned to my values. I finally launched my website which I had been dwelling on for 2 years. We drew a path I wanted to follow and she helped me to plan the next steps to achieve it.
This has been the best invested money ever. When you are a freelancer it is easy to get 'lost' in the path of the next step. Having someone like Dina, who peels your worries and anxieties like an onion through sound boarding and homework exercises in order to help you achieve your goals in a clear way, I think it is essential.

- Claudia Farre de la Torre
Graphic Designer

Signing up to coaching can be daunting but from the moment I started working with Dina I noticed myself breath a sigh of relief knowing I was in good hands and things would work out. Following her framework really gave me the focus and clarity I needed and from session to session I grew in confidence that a lifestyle that is more aligned with my strengths and values is possible and well within my reach. 

When I went to Dina, I felt like I had no direction at all, so it was difficult to even articulate where I could use the help. She was able to pinpoint things I needed to hear to find my own clarity. She helped me understand myself better. Even though I had done so many years of self discovery, journaling, and self help, nothing beats having a one on one conversation with someone who is trained to see what you're not seeing.

- Corinna Schröder
Business Analyst

- Katie Bauer
Artist, curator, photographer