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dina grishin

Hey there!

I'm Dina, and I love working with self-employed creatives, small business owners and freelancers. 

My passion lies in

Helping you get clear on how to get unstuck in business or improve your life so you can glide towards your ambitions, instead of getting burned out or overwhelmed by them.   

And keeping it simple

I also love to help you simplify things. 
Give me those big ideas and tasks that seem insurmountable, overwhelming or just too damn complex to manage, and I will help you break them down into simple realistic steps that you can achieve with confidence, ease, and even a little joy!


I help you...

Reduce the feeling of overwhelm with everything you have to do and help you prioritise your tasks so you can focus better. 

Help you overcome imposter syndrome so you feel more self-assured in yourself and your business 

Get clear on how to achieve the work-life balance you want with clear manageable steps and strategies

Get clarity on your goals for the year so you can grow in the direction you want whilst making sure you're not spreading yourself too thinly

Help you find your spark and motivation again, if you’ve noticed that you’ve been feeling rudderless and coasting.

Working out a schedule that works for YOU around your health, kids, menopause or ADHD needs. 

— Katie Bauer, artist & photographer

When I went to Dina, I felt like I had no direction at all, so it was difficult to even articulate where I could use the help. She was able to pinpoint things I needed to hear to find my own clarity. 
She helped me understand myself better. Even though I had done so many years of self discovery, journaling, and self help, nothing beats having a one on one conversation with someone who is trained to see what you're not seeing.

— Elodie Fromenteau, Fashion Designer & Creative Director

Coaching has given me a real sense of discipline - Organising myself more efficiently as a freelance stylist has helped my time management considerably and has therefore taken my business to next level. Dina's words were priceless, I really connected with her in the sense that she understood so brilliantly the message that I want to communicate in this world and I am beyond excited for my future - forever grateful.”

The coaching process

Get to know you & dive in

The first session will be about getting to know you, your business and the problem/ goal. And just through that initial process you can expect to get clarity and perspective on your problems and relief in unburdening and not having to figure it all out alone. 

Coaching call frequency

At first, as we're tackling the problem, it's good to have coaching calls closer together - about 2 - 3 weeks apart. 
Then we can move to monthly check ins if it feels right or keep it to regular calls if you want to keep the momentum and accountability in place.

Keeping it simple and enjoyable

No homework, no worksheets, no prep needed. 
You have enough going on in your world, coaching won't be something that adds to your plate. 
Your coaching hour is your relief space. A time for you to get your thoughts out, unpack a situation, get some tools or strategies and leave feeling lighter.

Keeping it simple and enjoyable

Coaching call frequency

Get to know you & dive in

what do we work on?

Here are some of the topics we've worked on with previous clients:

Getting it done

Helping clients break down that big thing into smaller steps and keeping them accountable to getting it done. 
I'm talking getting your portfolio done, your website, your About Me, making your first hire...basically the thing you've been procrastinating over. 

I work on all types of confidence. 
The one you need to overcome imposter syndrome, finally see your strengths and your USP and believe in your right to be where you are. 
The one you need to put yourself out there, speak, share your message and just be visible.
The one you need when you're just staring out and when you're planning to scale. 
We cover them all so you have unwavering self-belief. 


Clarity on your goals

Lifestyle changes

The better you feel within yourself, the better you show up in your business, so we get to work on the little tweaks we can bring into your day-to-day to make you feel more present and more alive. 
This covers relationship issues, creating healthier habits, making time for you, communicating your needs, establishing boundaries, dealing with employees and more. 

A favourite topic for coaching that we can work on any time of the year, not just January.
If you're feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed, getting clear on your vision will help to prioritise your work and get you fired up about the future again. We cover goals, mission, vision and strategy in these sessions. 

I'm a self-employed coach and I love coaching other self-employed people. 

In particular, I help self-employed creatives, freelancers and small business owners break down big problems into simple solutions and then create realistic plans of action. 


My experience with creatives started with fashion.
I had a dreamy role as Head of Coaching at a career accelerator program that helped creatives establish themselves and break into the fashion industry. 

I helped art directors, photographers, brand designers, make up artists etc. on things like confidence, working with a team, overcoming imposter syndrome from being a self-taught creative, and tuning into your creative process. 

After that role, I started attracting other types of creatives, in particular artists and writers, who I still work with today. 

about me

Hey, I'm Dina. 


I also started working with freelancers like graphic designers, as well as consultants.

I helped them shape their schedules and their offerings so they got more of the work they loved, and less of the nightmare clients who want things done yesterday. 

My love of working with the self-employed didn't stop there. 

I went on to work with small business owners like property investors, craft shop owners, bespoke gym owners, event company owners, online stationary sellers - all sorts! Helping them with goals, confidence, planning, scaling and riding the wave of changing demand. 

Look, working for yourself can be isolating, but you're not alone in your problems!
It can feel like there's no one that will understand, but I assure you, I will.
And nothing makes me happier than helping you incredible self-employed souls tap into the bravery, creativity and ambition that's in you, but that may be hiding behind busyness or burnout. 
I'm here to help. 


Here's what it's like working with me 1:1

Before I started working with Dina I was all caught up in stress about what I thought I SHOULD be doing with my work whereas now I'm much happier just enjoying what I AM doing. She's helped me to relax and enjoy my work more, build confidence and visibility among peers and clients. To recognise strengths and put energy there, building on an already good thing. She really helped me get over certain hurdles too, by breaking the tasks down into manageable enjoyable steps and with a real focus on progress not perfection which helped me so much!

- Tilly Kaye
Founder of Zero to Product
London, UK 

“Coaching has been amazing. I think every single creative should have a coach. It is hard to work as a sensitive human being and feel criticised when the person criticising may only just have a different vision. It is also harder to manage personal life and work especially as a freelancer and it’s nice to have someone guide you or just tell you that whatever you are feeling-you are not the only one. Creativity is hard, it doesn’t come everyday it’s not math there is no real answer. A coach will help you find something close enough to an answer and make you feel like you are worth it!”

"Coaching was one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I actually did it. I'm very glad I did because it's been amazing and I think all creatives should try it. I came to Dina while recovering from injuries and I was struggling with the adjustment back to working while still recovering. I was generally negative, anxious, depressed and had lost a lot of faith in myself and my photography work.
Working with Dina has helped me find a new appreciation for myself and look at things from a different perspective, reevaluate what I had been doing and even gave me the words and tools to work on issues I could never verbalise before. Dina has helped put me on a new braver path, shift my head space to a much more positive and appreciative one and generally helped me grow. 
Coaching has helped me find more balance in my life, open my mind, give me more clarity and made me feel like I'm worth it."

- Mahaut Harley
Art Director & Collage artist
Paris, France

- Anthony Tosello
Melbourne, Australia


To give you a flavour of my teaching and my beliefs, here are two Instagram videos I shot sharing gems from other creatives.

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