I will! Gladly. 

My style: positive, practical and playful

My key topics: positive psychology, career change, confidence, getting unstuck, goal setting, career development. 

My signature workshops: outlined below.

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"I have listened to your talk “Finding a job and Not getting bored” and I am here to say thank you! It was so interesting and all suggestions and tips very practical, I will put some in place to pursue my career change and cross my fingers!
Great listening, thank you for organising it!"

"Very informative and grounding to things already explored with psychology. It was great to hear Dina speak about her own experiences through change etc."

"It totally hit the right spot and helped me finding a starting point"

"Thank you for packing so much gold into 60 minutes and for having a thoughtful answer to every question!"

"So much helpful information and positivity. Dina was relatable and friendly"

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"If we find ourselves struggling against overwhelming odds and strong opponents with courage and perseverance, we have triggered the archetype of the hero."
Joseph Campbell

The Hero’s Journey workshop uses elements of narrative coaching, creative story-telling, mythology and movie references to ignite the hero in you, empower you to courageous action and give you a
roadmap to bring out your potential. 

The Hero’s Journey (THJ) template can be applied to many topics, for example:
- THJ: 12 steps to self-actualisation
- Rewrite your narrative using THJ
- Reignite your self-confidence using THJ

"Thank you for creating such a safe place to share. And giving me a framework to guide my thoughts. I'm so glad I came today. I can see the road back! I'm really enjoying going with the energy you have given me today - positivity, perspective and potential!"
Alex T.

The Hero’s Journey

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According to research, 86% of UK millennials experience a “QLC” (quarter life crisis), which can leave you feeling insecure, confused, lost, inadequate and overwhelmed. 

Symptoms are: feeling stuck in your career, tired of the LinkedIn scroll of doom and not seeing anything that speaks to you, paralysed by fear of making the wrong choice and so damn tired from going in thought loops about where next. Thinking you’d have thought you would have figured this out by now and get frustrated at yourself.

Solution: this workshop which is my most popular workshop of all. 

This workshop gives you the 3 keys tools to navigate out of a QLC and into a more aligned, purpose-driven life. You’ll have a framework to use get you out of indecision you can use for life, and you’ll leave inspired to take action.

"Just want to say I really enjoyed your QLC talk in London (pre-covid times) and it gave me the push to quit my degree related road my parents pushed me down and do a master's in something I'm absolutely loving and passionate about. So thank you.” 
Alice P.

“Hi Dina, amazing webinar you delivered today! I've been trying to align my skills with values and passions recently, at times finding it difficult to articulate what they are and why I'm even doing this. Your session was wonderfully encouraging- thank you.”
Polina A.

How to navigate a Quarter Life Crisis

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A collage workshop that taps into your subconscious. A wealth of alternative and better solutions are within us. But we can't hear our intuition because of our overthinking analytical mind. This workshop quietens the thinking mind and lets your subconscious speak to you through images unveiling answers that were always there and you couldn't see and a roadmap to the future. 

A fantastic relaxing and inspiring 3 hour workshop for team morale and co-working specials.
Can be done online too.

“I absolutely loved it. It was almost a meditation, beautiful, eye opening experience. Time flies and you want more. You leave with a clear, open mind and a great vision. Thank you so much!”   
Anna P.

Collage workshop

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