— Allie Lester

In the spring of 2020, I found myself in the midst of a quarter-life crisis and in the depths of lockdown, craving direction and change. Coaching has been an incredibly valuable and empowering experience and I am so thankful to have discovered Dina through a General Assembly webinar. Over the short time of only six one hour sessions, Dina has helped me to work through and break down beliefs that I had built up about myself for many years, changing my perspective on my own strengths, values and attitude to creativity in work and the wider world. I know this is just the beginning of my coaching journey and would encourage everyone who is thinking about it to reach out and invest in coaching with Dina - it will be the most amazing thing you do for yourself! 

Design Director, London

— Ed Walker

Working with Dina has allowed me to rethink how I saw my career. Her approach to creative minds was very refreshing and enabled me to refocus on what was important, and how I could make my job my own again.

Jewellery designer & creative consultant, London

— Estelle Deve

Dina has a no-nonsense approach to coaching. She will break down your journey into simple, manageable steps, whilst giving you exercises that will make you ask yourself the right questions for you to grow. She's the perfect remedy for all creative procrastinators, and an amazing shoulder to rely on. If you want to get things done, I highly recommend giving her a call!

Menswear designer, Brighton

— Matteo Bigliardi

I have been in therapy to help me get out of serious anxiety attacks and depression, but coaching was something new for me. Within 5 sessions she has helped me get back on track when I felt lost.
Every time I get off the phone with Dina I feel energised and motivated. She’s encouraging and she is there to remind me of the progress made, when it tends to be overlooked.
Since I’ve met Dina I made progress in my personal development. I have to thank Dina for working together with me to make me understand mw more in depth.

From Portugal

Ana Ferreira-Hilario

I’m Ana, a high-achiever. I’m always busy with never a moment to spare.
As I went through school, university, first job, and moved up in my career, I didn’t go through the professional struggles most people go through. I never had any issues with motivation, self-confidence, procrastination, or knowing what I wanted.
At 25 I reached a peak in my career and soon after came the feeling of crap, what now?
I made the decision to start over, go back to school, and change career. This time it only took me two years from quitting my previous job to going to school, to getting a job, to eventually becoming the boss of the same people who hired me.
Another change.
Two years again and I had set up a successful business from the ground up.
Change again. This time a harder task, but 18 months into it, I felt stuck.
Most people want more money and fewer hours, but I wasn’t so sure. And while all of this was happening, I felt guilty because I was meant to be preparing for motherhood. Tackling new challenges should’ve been the last thing on my mind.
I had a couple of friends that had tried coaching. Both in need of some serious motivation and ass-kicking. But I felt that none of those things interested or benefited me in the slightest, so I never considered trying coaching.
That’s when I saw on social media this super boss lady, that I had followed for a while, saying she works with a coach. That coach was Dina Grishin.
I went on her website and saw that she specialized in Creatives. Interesting. Also, she did free 30-minute evaluation calls. Free meant nothing to lose.
On our call, within 5 minutes, I was sure she had me figured out. Dina was telling me things about my professional path that were 100% accurate. I felt understood, and this gave me the certainty that I had to do this.
It turns out it was the best investment I could have ever made not only on my career but also emotionally.
On our first official session, I had the courage to tell her about a dream project of mine, that I had never shared with anyone.
Dina was super enthusiastic and showed me that that was perfect for me based on what we had been discussing. She pushed me to share my project with other people and get over the feeling of embarrassment.
It turns out I was the only one sabotaging this idea.
I started our second appointment crying. I was so grateful for the courage she had given me to “follow excitement where ever it may lead” – Dina’s words.
Dina opened my eyes and mind, so even though I’m simultaneously starting a new project, my full-time job is equally fulfilling because Dina has showed me the aspects that I need to always have present in my work to be happy.
I no longer feel trapped, stuck, unmotivated, and searching for the next big thing. I can’t thank Dina enough.
I know that whenever I need to talk with her again, I can. And I’m sure I will.

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