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Does your work make you feel alive?

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I believe that life is too short to do work that makes your soul cry. 
As cliche as it sounds, I do truly believe that you can create your perfect job. 

I spent my 20s navigating a Quarter Life Crisis desperate to get out of the depressing job hunting 'rut' and to find a job that felt like I was always meant for it. 
I didn't find that job.
I created it (much to my own surprise!). 

 I also developed a process that can help you, wherever you are on your career fulfilment search. 

I'm Dina. 
Your straight-talking coach.

Hey there!

A 6 week step-by-step group program that will cut through the chaos of career change, help you get clarity on the next step, and get you to actually take it. 

Career Clarity



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launching in feb 2022

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We waste too much mental energy figuring out the next step on our own. We can't find the solution with the same thinking that created the problem. 

Stop going round in thought loops and get yourself the Clarity & Purpose coaching program
The C & P program is a step-by-step process to get you from stuck and unfulfilled to feeling clear, aligned, on track and on purpose. 

Work with me one-on-one to get the personal attention, bespoke solutions, and powerful results you've been scraping the internet for. 

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Focused, alive & on purpose

Hopeful, positive & inspired

Monday motivation

Confident in your next move


Checked out at work

Deflated & unmotivated

Sunday dread

Lost, stuck & indecisive

Go from

— Estelle Deve.

Dina has a no-nonsense approach to coaching. She will break down your journey into simple, manageable steps, whilst giving you exercises that will make you ask yourself the right questions for you to grow.

— Anthony Tosello

Coaching was one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I actually did it. I'm very glad I did because it's been amazing and I think all creatives should try it. 

— May Truong

This is the third time I've done a coaching program with Dina and each time I grow in ways I didn't anticipate. 

— Lilian Tula

 It was awesome getting the chance to collaborate with someone who wanted to see me win. 

If you're in a job you hate, recovering from furlough, or you're in between jobs....
If you're tired of meaningless work and want to do something more fulfilling...
But you have no idea where to start..


You'll 3 keys tools to get you unstuck & into a more aligned, purpose-driven work life.
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How to navigate a
Quarter Life Crisis

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