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Hey there!

I'm Dina, your straight-talking life and career coach.

I am really good at...

helping you get clear on your unique genius and what you want next in your career (and life) and then creating a roadmap of how to get there.   

I work with.....

the recently redundant, the full-timers eyeing up freelance life, the return to work-ers and the career pivoters looking for more meaningful, freeing and fulfilling work that will fit in with their lifestyle without starving them financially. 

The reason is...

A) I can relate to where you are - I've been there! The indecision, the over analysis, the lack of clarity! Ugh, I get it. BUT I didi figure it out and....

B) I have a process that will get you clarity and make sure that you're making such a meaningful change in your life and career, that you won't ever feel like this again. This process took time...

C) I've been coaching for over 7 years. I've done over 1000 coaching sessions and have coaching clients from all over the world. And in that time I've built up a toolbox of coaching tool, psychology approaches and strategies that works for everyone. No matter the age or stage they're at. 

I also work with....

self-employed creatives, freelancers and business owners, but not on career change. We coach on mindset and strategy stuff (eg. overcoming Imposter Syndrome, time maagement and breaking down big ideas into actionable steps). 

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The 3 coaching package that will help you reboot yourself, make an action plan and build your confidence again. 

Rise Above Redundancy

New Coaching Package

yes, please! 

When we've been in our own head for a while, we can lose sight of what's going good in our lives (and is nothing to worry about) and what does need our attention. 

The Life & Career Audit helps you take a step back and look at your life as a whole. Noticing what gives you energy and what drains you. You'll also get a report of next steps and resources that may help.

It works in 4 simple steps:

Life &Career



  1. Book a call
  2. Fill in questionnaire
  3. 60 mins deep dive call
  4. Summary report with resources

If you're new to coaching or to me, start with this...

— Estelle Deve.

Dina has a no-nonsense approach to coaching. She will break down your journey into simple, manageable steps, whilst giving you exercises that will make you ask yourself the right questions for you to grow.

— Anthony Tosello

Coaching was one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I actually did it. I'm very glad I did because it's been amazing and I think all creatives should try it. 

— May Truong

This is the third time I've done a coaching program with Dina and each time I grow in ways I didn't anticipate. 

— Lilian Tula

 It was awesome getting the chance to collaborate with someone who wanted to see me win. 

This is an 8 week step-by-step group program to get you unstuck in your career, clear on your dream work, and arm you with a roadmap to get you there. 

Career Clarity




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It's not just about solving the immediate problem, it's SO much more. Here are some lesser-known benefits of coaching.

What people don't realise about coaching

Life skill training

You know the phrase “give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime?”
Well, that’s basically coaching.
Coaching doesn’t just help you solve your CURRENT problem, it teaches you the skills you need to solve FUTURE problems. 
Skills like decision-making, beating imposter syndrome, confidence building, having challenging conversations, negotiating, overcoming fear of failure and more. 
All of these skills will armour you up to be able to navigate all sorts of situations life will throw at you. 

Coaching raises your awareness. 

Tangibly this could look like becoming aware of all your skills and strengths, which then leads to greater confidence which leads to you applying for more senior positions, raising your prices or feeling good about entering a totally new industry. 

Greater awareness could also lead to you realising that what you thought was the problem isn’t actually the problem. 
EXAMPLE: Sometimes the problem isn’t that you procrastinate, it’s that you’re not excited about the work you’re doing. So the solution is to either change what you’re doing or reignite your passion by connecting to the bigger picture. 

Yes, but can career coaching help ME?

That's all we really want to know, right?
Well, here are some professions I've helped before.
And you can check out the client case studies HERE.

Wanna see if I can help you?

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  • Creative Directors

  • Graphic Designers

  • Business Analysts

  • IT Consultants

  • Photographers

  • Artists

  • Fashion Designers

  • UX Designers

  • Jewellery Designers

  • Hair Salon Owners
  • Art Directors

  • Researchers

  • Marketing

  • Sales managers

  • Communications Manager

  • Account managers

  • Operations managers

  • Team leaders

  • Policy Advisors

  • Strategists

Yes, please.

Don't want group or 1:1 coaching, but want to follow a proven framework to get clear on what next in your career? No problem.
The Career Clarity program is also available in a self-study version. You will have 6 modules to work through in your own time. And you have the option of booking a one-off consolidating coaching session when you finish. 

Online course

Sounds like fun!

The Career Clarity group program runs twice a year (Feb & Sep) and is an excellent way to get clear on which way you want to grow and go in your career. Not only do you learn about yourself, but you learn from and get cheered on from a small group of fellow career changers. All supported by weekly group coaching calls.  

Group program

Ok, need this now!

My 1:1 programs are designed to help you get unstuck and make a decision about what to do next in your career. On the way there you'll gain huge insight into your motivators and strengths and pick up all sorts of life skills. Results? You'll have unshakeable confidence and clarity on your life vision and career direction. 

1:1 coaching

Ways we can work together

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authentic authority

engaged, inspired & feeling vital

sunday dread

imposter syndrome

bored, stressed & unmotivated


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Career coaching can really transform your days