There was a time I had no idea what made me come alive (beyond travel, food & friends, of course). 

There was a time I never thought I'd find my thing (my Quarter Life Crisis years!). I felt lost and stuck in the endless LinkedIn job scroll of doom. 

But then I did tonnes of inner work, invested in myself, took a risk and finally turned my life around. Now I'm passionate about helping others become more alive, aligned and happy as fuck.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

Howard Thurman


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Everyone’s life story is long, so let’s cut to the chase: you want to know if I’m the coach for you

To get to where I am today, I had to navigate my way out of a seemingly never-ending Quarter Life Crisis. It took me to unexpected places, including 2 degrees, a myriad of jobs, travelling to escape/ find myself, a country move and many years of attending personal development workshops and books. 

The result?
I'm crisis-free. I have direction and clarity, and, as much as I hate to use cliches, I do actually feel like I'm realising my potential.
This is my guarantee to you: if my tools & methods worked for me, they can work for you too.
So if you're caught in a quarter-life crisis, lacking direction or feeling stuck in a creative funk -
get in my calendar!

About me

Long story short...

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So, what was the thing, the moment, the realisation that sent me down this path?
I’d returned to London after a stint of working, living in (and loving) Buenos Aires. I was 27 and back at square one - broke, living at my parent's house, job-seeking for the hundredth time, and hoping a different industry, a different role would give me the fulfilment I so deeply yearned for. I'd had enough of the feast and famine cycle:

About me

Short story long...

Work - earn - soul starts dying - feel unfulfilled - leave work - live off savings whilst trying to figure out ‘what next’ - soul revives - money starts running out - find new work - realise it’s not the one - cycle repeats.

Buenos Aires hadn't resolved my quarter life crisis, but it had taught me a valuable lesson while I was teaching business English in-house. It was that, while I’d created a way of working that I enjoyed, the work itself didn’t bring me to life.
What did bring me to life, as I later discovered, was coaching people to bring the best out of them.

Coaching really spoke to me and I found a uni offering a MSc in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology.

It was a big investment and a big risk. My friends were getting promotions and rising up the career ladder, I didn’t know anyone dropping out and starting again at 29. But, I had to change my pattern and try something different.
That was the moment I decided to take a bet on me.

Those 2 years were the toughest and best of my life. I worked 4 days a week and studied the rest of the time. The first year I burnt out, had a panic attack, wanted to drop out, got frustrated, doubted and questioned myself….but I persisted.

And in the second year, I got a breakthrough! I decided to actually try every single coaching tool on myself and apply every single positive psychology model to my life. Basically, I coached myself. I got over my perfectionism, I worked out how to not burn out, I nailed time management like a boss, I worked on my negative thinking patterns and became positive, optimistic, and actually started to believe in myself.

and it paid off!

I found myself working at Mastered as the Head of Coaching. I was coaching creatives, recruiting coaches, building a coaching team and coaching in-house at this amazing start-up.
 In this job I coached over one thousand creatives - photographers, creative directors, art directors, hair stylists, make-up artists, fashion stylists, fashion brand owners - from all over the world - Korea to Kazakhstan, Canada to Chile, America to Australia. I coached these passionate creatives on overcoming the very same problems I had just overcome.

It clicked: I was meant to face all those hurdles so I could figure out how to overcome them and help others do the same. The next step of my ever-unfolding journey was to work for myself. I did. My creativity exploded as I went through exponential self-development going through the highs and lows of building a business.

My biggest motivator through it all, and to this day, is knowing that the further I go outside my comfort zone, the more risk and challenges I take on, the bigger my toolbox grows, the better coach I become and the further I can take my clients outside their comfort zone in order for them to become the person they’ve always wanted to be. 
So if any of this resonated, then I am probably the coach for you. Let's talk.

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I get to coach, create, teach and collaborate with some incredible heart-led, values-driven individuals


Went self-employed. This time coaching creatives & career changers


Landed role as Head of Coaching, coaching 1000s of creatives.


Graduated & became a Quarter Life Crisis coach.


Quit job #2 after uni. Got a TEFL qualification & moved to Buenos Aires.


Graduated into financial crash of '08. No one was hiring. QLC began.


Started my BA in Psychology at Sussex University


Moved from Moscow to London aged 6, knowing 4 words in English.


Returned to UK, still lost, got a job in luxury, then a start-up, then a corp.


Enrolled in a part-time MSc in Coaching Psychology & Positive Psychology

It's been a ride

A brief timeline of all the things

Accreditation: Senior practitioner (EMCC)

Applied positive Psychology & coaching Psychology (MSc)

psychology (BA)


Me in 4 pics....

Enneagram Type 7

Type 7 is The Enthusiast!
Which means we love novelty - new places, new faces, new experiences. Our diaries are packed and our sentences always end with enthusiastic exclamation!!

I'm Russian

I'm Russian which means I'm a bit more straight-talking and direct than the Brits. However, it doesn't mean that I love snow. I in fact, find anything below 20C to be miserably cold. 

I love dogs

I used to work in luxury and missed it when I left so I took up mystery shopping for 5 star restaurants and hotels on the side.

But I've never owned any. Instead I dog-sit which suits my Type 7 just fine because I get to experience new dog breeds whilst I decide which one to settle on. 

Mystery shopping

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