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Feeling stuck?

Do you find yourself scrolling LinkedIn daily but not seeing ANY jobs you like?

Does the choice of alternative paths and careers you could do leave you feeling lost, and in paralysis about where to even start?

Or have you got to the top of your career and you’re now bored, and everyone tells you to stay because the job is cushy, but you know deep down you want to go?


I work with clients who can’t see a way forward that speaks to THEM.
See if you relate to what they've told me:

Is this you?

"I am now stuck in a job that is killing my soul (without sounding too dramatic). I've got to the point where I don't know what I want to do and I'm scared that I don't have any useful skills to offer anyway."

 "I don't want to rush into something else work wise. I crave flexibility but I'm not finding the right role for me. I know the answers must be inside somewhere but I have no idea what my truth is anymore."

I’m nearly 40 and I still don’t know what I want to do ‘when I grow up’!? I definitely suffer from comparison-itis: why does my friend earn more? Have I failed? Have I been trying to fit a round key in a square peg? Have I wasted all these years in my current industry but actually I’m not cut out to go further? 

 "I've been in the same career for many years, and feel like it's a big risk to turn my back on it after so much investment of time. But I'm lacking motivation and fulfilment. Is it a job change or an industry change I need? I just want clarity."

Truth time - your problem ISN'T that you’re lacking the confidence and courage to make a move. 
It’s NOT that it’s not the right time or you haven’t found the right job. 

It’s that you haven't found the deeper meaning behind your desire for a change.

Here's what I mean....

A meaningful career change comes from FIRST going through a self-discovery process to figure out what you TRULY want (BEFORE you hop on a jobs board). 

A meaningful career changes happens when you're no longer held back by you FEARS and you can stay true to your DESIRES. 

THAT'S when clarity just drops in and you can create a career plan that feels truly aligned and gets you giddy with excitement. 

You see, the reason you’re not seeing any jobs you like is because you haven’t realised what you really want to do.

The reason you’re feeling lost is because you haven’t found the silver thread that ties in your previous jobs and experience with what you want to do in the future.

The reason you’re bored at your senior job but not leaving it is that you haven’t defined your career change in a way that makes sense to you. 

I spent my 20s navigating a Quarter Life Crisis which saw me jumping from job to job, switching industries and apparently “messing up” my CV (spoiler alert: it totally didn’t).

I compared myself to my peers and felt totally behind which was making me feel like it was too late to start another career. Somehow I had missed the career change opportunity. 

All I craved was clarity.

Clarity on what my ‘thing’ was - my calling, my passion, my whatever you call it that makes you jump out of bed on Mondays. 

I didn't know what was missing then, but I do now. 

The problem was, I didn't actually know WHAT I wanted.
I had fallen into a lot of jobs. I was good at them....but I always outgrew them and craved something more meaningful, fulfilling and that paid well.

Was that too much to ask?

And because I didn't know what I wanted, I didn't know what job to look for. So I looked at ALL the jobs. 
Which was exhausting. 
And depressing. 

GOOD NEWS: I finally cracked it though and found my calling. 

And when I did, I looked back at what worked and what didn't and came up with a method so that other people didn't have to go through the job-hunting, career-crisis hell I went through. 

The method is called The Meaningful Change Method and it's designed to help others be able to plan their careers and change jobs with simplicity and ease. 

Hello, I'm Dina. 

I get it, I've been where you are

Meaningful Change happens when you get intentional about your career and you design it with life in mind. 

With all my Career Coaching Programs you will be taken through the 3 steps of my signature clarity process called The Meaningful Change Method.
We get intentional about your career design and we make sure you have the tools you need to make the change you want.  


We take stock of your strengths so that your next role is using strengths that ENERGISE you (not DEPLETE you). 

We design your success and happiness criteria to make sure you're living according to YOUR values and not someone else's version of success (ahem, like your parents' or society's). 

Through narrative coaching we REWRITE THE STORY you're telling yourself (and others) about your career journey. The story of mistakes, failures or luck, so that you're no longer feeling like you need to wing it in interviews.
You can see what's so damn special about your set of skills and experiences. 


Next we get to work on those UNDERLYING FEARS and UNHELPFUL BELIEFS that have been telling you it's too late, or that you can't earn more, or have the flexibility you want, or pursue something more creative or meaningful. 

You'll try out a suite of tools you can use in the moment to pull you back from overthinking, criticising yourself or feeling anxious. And you'll leave knowing which tools work best for you!

NO MORE FEELING GUILTY for not meditating, when there are other ways you can get there that you will actually like! 


Lastly, we come up with some super simple, easy to do ACTION PLANS for getting out there, creating opportunities, using your network or building one.

We don't just create one 'perfect' plan. We create plan A, B and C to account for distractions, hiccups along the way and surprise plot twists, because LIFE HAPPENS, but with multiple plans of action, you'll still be able to take steps forward no matter the circumstance. 

“Awareness is like the sun.
When it shines on things, they are transformed.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

The results?
Ooh, you're in for a treat!

By the end of the program...

You will see why and how you're so super special and unique so you know what makes you stand out from the crowd, making you feel much more confident going for more senior roles, applying to dream brands, or pivoting to another career. 

You'll no longer feel tense making career decisions, instead you'll learn a simple way to get you unstuck and clear on what you need to do next. 

You'll no longer feel at the mercy of the economy or industry, or capped by salary ceilings, you'll be in the driver's seat of your career. 

You'll see the silver thread running through your career timeline which will make it easier to design your career development and to talk about it in interviews and your one-to-ones

You would have opened up new work possibilities you hadn't thought of before but that make total sense and feel exciting and energising.

The Meaningful Change Method is magic

  • You've been toying with the idea of leaving your job but you keep bottling you because it pays well and it's comfortable, so you want someone to help you make a plan, overcome the fear, and keep you accountable to make that change.  

  • You've been let go and this has made you wonder - do you stay in the same industry or is this the perfect opportunity to pursue your dreams?

  • You have fallen into jobs and have been quite good at them because you're a generalist and a fast learner. But now you want to be more intentional with your career journey. 

  • You want to leave a toxic work place, debrief (and detox) to make sure that doesn't happen again and talk about how you can pivot with your skills, as well as learn about boundaries in the workplace.   

  • You've been toying with the idea of going freelance and you want to get a sense check, make a plan and have someone keep you accountable to make the first steps. 

  • You're returning to work after taking time out to raise kids so you want help figuring out what you want to do now, in the second act of your career, as well 

  • You feel you've outgrown your current job/ role, but you don't know what you want to do next. Perhaps you're self-employed, or you're at a senior level. 

But you may be wondering
'How do I know if it's right for me?'



  • You have a business idea and you want help getting it off the ground. You're better off looking for a business incubator. 

  • You mainly want help with crafting your CV and interview prep. There are specialised coaches that can help you with this. My coaching is more big picture. 

  • You’re a recent graduate. This program works best for those who have had work experience. 

Fab. Then pick your journey...

There are 2 ways we can work together.
They differ in length, investment and focus but both have The Meaningful Change Method at their core. The programs are....

Career Clarity

Career Change

  • 4 months of coaching
  • 1 x 90 min Deep Dive Intake session
  • 5 x 60 min coaching calls
  • Worksheets between calls
  • Email summary after call
  • Coaching is focused on getting clear on what you want to do next in your career


  • 8 months of coaching
  • 1x 90 min Deep Dive Intake session
  • 11x 60 min coaching calls
  • Worksheets between calls
  • Email summary after call
  • Email support in between
  • Coaching is focused on all stages of career change from clarity to action

Are you feeling the call?

4 months

8 months


(£1500 total)


(£2,800 total)

Pay in full price with 10% discount - £2,520

What do you get?


Career Clarity

Career Change

What's the difference between the 2 programs?

In a nutshell, the Career Clarity program helps you get clear on what that next step in your career looks like.
During the 4 months, we work on making you feel confident about your strengths, and clear on your vision and your values.

We then come up with different options for your next career move that feel aligned and meaningful to you. We will also start the process of testing those options out. 

The Career Change program covers everything the Career Clarity program does, but then some.
Once you're clear on the different paths you can take. I'm there with you supporting you as your research the options, refine them, and start taking action.

If it's a job you're after, then I'm there with you helping you with interview prep as well as personal branding (how you tell the story of your CV in a way that gets you into any job you want).
I'm also there for you when you start the job, working through any Imposter Syndrome or first day nerves that come up as you step into your new role (and your new identity). 

If the next move is you going freelance or starting your own business, then I'm there with you helping you to articulate what you do and who you serve. My super power is helping you not get overwhelmed by those seemingly 'big' tasks like creating your website and networking, and also helping you overcome visibility blocks and fear of failure. 

My job as your coach is to not only help you get results, feel happier and more fulfilled, but also to help you through failure and set backs so you don't give up on your dreams. 

I'll be by your side to help you understand how to handle failure, stress, and doubt, and move through them to build resilience and rock solid confidence. 

Career Change

Career Clarity


Career Change


🕒 You don't know what you want to do next and want help figuring that bit out first 

💪🏻 You're also looking for a boost in confidence and hope, to help you believe that change is possible for you and it's not too late

💖 You would like help with clarifying what your transferrable skills are and where your strengths lie, plus how you can sell those in an interview without feeling like you're bragging

📖 OR you feel you've done quite a bit of self-inquiry and inner work already, what you're looking for help with is formulating a plan of action

➡️ You've tried to figure it out for yourself and you've realised that actually, it's better to do this with a career change expert who can give you support, guidance and accountability.

🕒 You want help with clarity, but also with putting the plans into action and getting the job or making the career change

🤔 You want a coach for more than one season so that you can really embed those new positive beliefs so that when life's unexpected twists happen, you feel rock solid in dealing with them. 

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 You want to work on more than just your careers, you see this as an opportunity to work on things like boundaries, Imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, self-belief, personal branding, meaning, purpose, communication etc.  

➡️ You want someone to be there with you for the whole journey - through the interviews, the CV or website writing, the setback, the wins - so that you can grow through it all and not revert back to old ways 

Career Clarity

Career Change

In other words.......



I'm in!

this is me!

Career Clarity


Career Change


The Career Clarity Course 

Worth £449!

That's not all though

The Career Clarity Course puts you in the driver's seat of your career.
It helps you both expand and refine your career options.

After the program you'll have a big picture view of your career and where you can take it next.

You'll be able to see how you can transfer your experience to new career paths that you may not have thought of but ones that excite you.

And you'll be taught a simple way to make decisions that are aligned to your values so you're not wasting time applying to jobs that you'll hate as soon as you get in. 

It's a self-paced program with 6 modules that focus on getting you clear on your vision, strengths, values, interests, mindset and actions

With both programs you get a year's access to....


Next step

The next step is to book a FREE Breakthrough Call. 
This call is designed to get to know each other a bit more to see if we're a match and answer any questions you have. 
Simple! All you have to do is....


— Estelle Deve.

Dina has a no-nonsense approach to coaching. She will break down your journey into simple, manageable steps, whilst giving you exercises that will make you ask yourself the right questions for you to grow.

— Anthony Tosello

Coaching was one of those things that I didn't know I needed until I actually did it. I'm very glad I did because it's been amazing and I think all creatives should try it. 

— May Truong

This is the third time I've done a coaching program with Dina and each time I grow in ways I didn't anticipate. 

— Lilian Tula

 It was awesome getting the chance to collaborate with someone who wanted to see me win. 

Focused, alive & on-purpose

Hopeful, positive & inspired

Sunday Delight

CLEAR & Confident in your next move


Checked out at work

Deflated & unmotivated

Sunday dread

Lost, stuck & indecisive

Go from

 Coaching will help you..

Sabrina (who was in her early 30s) came to me feeling stuck in her career. She’d had jobs that looked great on her CV, and she enjoyed them at the beginning, but she’d always outgrow them and get bored. She was desperate for a change and didn’t want to continue with the same type of work but didn’t know how to identify what to do next instead.

By the end of our work together Sabrina had a huge mindset shift. She went from feeling extremely stuck to seeing a path forward that she felt invigorated by. When we identified her strengths and values, it became apparent that Sabrina had perfect skills for working for herself (something she had never considered) and it would suit the stage of life she was at (wanting more freedom and control of her time). We sketched out what exact work she could be doing and put a plan in place to test the waters. Opening up this new pathway for her, and seeing that she didn’t have to go for yet another interview at yet another workplace she wasn’t excited about, made her confidence levels soar from non-existent to feeling like she could pretty much achieve anything. 

Sabrina said that as a result of our sessions she felt much calmer because she knew the steps she needed to take to improve her current situation. We also worked on Sabrina learning to trust her instincts more which empowered her to steer her own course (and not need a life coach anymore!). She said “I certainly feel much more excited about things again and even my friends have noticed the change in my attitude!”


 Coaching Case Studies

Here's are some case studies of previous coaching clients (names have been changed) and how long we worked together:

Sabrina (8 months coaching)




Giuliana was approaching 40 when we started working together. She had recently returned from her second maternity leave with fresh eyes and motivation to do something more worthwhile, purpose-driven, and rewarding (in both spiritual and financial ways). Her current work allowed her to work part-time, giving her much needed work/ life balance, but the work she was doing wasn’t inspiring and she felt she’d been overlooked for progression because she’d taken time off to have kids. 

We worked out 3 possible plans of action for Giuliana: 
1) Leave within the next 6 months to pursue an idea she had about creating a product. This plan would include spending the 6 months looking for a part-time job in a related field to the product.
2) Stay at her current job but ask for a pay rise and craft her role to be more client-facing and creative. 
3) Leave her current job and get a similar job but for a lot more money (she was receiving tempting offers from recruiters). 

We stress-tested those options against her strengths, values and interests to make sure they were satisfying all of them, and then started testing the waters with them. After a couple of months, it was clear which option felt like the best one for Giuliana and she moved forward with that one. 
Her results in her words: “I have moved away from the mindset of 'I hate my job so I am gonna quit' and can now reflect on all the positives of my current role and see an opportunity to weave in my interests and strengths to make the day to day more enjoyable and one I can thrive in.”


Giuliana (4 months coaching)


Action plans


And now a few (lovely) words from my previous clients


"As a result of coaching, I've learned to be more forgiving of myself, focusing on happiness rather than productivity as a primary goal, and now I actually have guilt-free weekends. I've also I've unlearned that to be successful I have to achieve a certain amount by a certain time.

"Coaching empowered me to be a better me."

"I feel that I have grown a lot from this time of self reflection and taking the time to work with a skilled coach has made it enjoyable. I feel that I have a new set of skills, more confidence and more possibilities because of that."

"I am happier and more confident."

"I came across Dina at a point in my life where everything was at a crossroads. Our coaching sessions gave me the opportunity to take a step back and reflect on these big changes and decide where to go next, as well as get a fresh perspective. It was awesome getting the chance to collaborate with someone who wanted to see me win"

"I have better clarity on my mission and how my personal values and boundaries can be a USP."

"and that awareness can be a bridge to thriving.
Since I've had coaching I've had a mindset shift, more confidence, I understand myself better, I can see my strengths, I'm more motivated, and I can see the start of a new career."

"A coach can see certain blocks that you personally can't...."




"As a result of coaching, I am opening myself up again to ideas or impulses, looking wider and focusing on the longer term. I have confidence and almost permission to explore ideas outside of the everyday and ask people to talk about their experiences."

"I'm challenging what I do and do not want."


"I have better clarity on my mission and how my personal values and boundaries can be a USP."

Ready to get started?

The next step is to book a FREE Breakthrough Call. 
This call is designed to get to know each other a bit more to see if we're a match and answer any questions you have. 
Simple! All you have to do is....


Here’s the thing, if you read the news, listen to other people's fears and wait until everything is perfectly aligned to take action, you’ll find that somehow it never feels like the right time. 
Waiting for the perfect timing means you’ll miss out on the perfect opportunity to build bravery and cultivate courage.
You’ll then forever need the right circumstances to take action instead of building grit within yourself.
As your (future) coach, let me tell you, I KNOW you’re more resourceful and more creative than you give yourself credit for. But this will only come out when you learn to take a step forward despite fear. 

Still deciding?

Look, I know embarking on something unknown like coaching can be scary. Right now, you might be thinking..

Truth be told, I’ve been there myself. When I first got a coach I was shocked at how much it was. But then again, I'd never really invested on myself.
I SPENT on myself (holidays, splurges etc), but I'd never INVESTED in myself. I was too was scared about spending that money because no matter how much I trusted my coach to do her thing, I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t think I could do it. Luckily my coach didn’t let me walk away. And what I learnt is that once you make that commitment, this fire lights up inside you - you're backing yourself. Then suddenly you’re not wondering whether coaching will work, you’re making damn sure it will! 

You may also be wondering how a stranger can help you. Surely the person that knows you best is you?!
Well I can help you precisely because I’m not you.
I don’t believe your doubts and I don’t follow you into your problems.
My training is in positive psychology (PP), the science of optimal human flourishing. PP has found that a solution-focused and strengths approach works miracles. And guess what, I can see your strengths better than you can. You’ve either spent a lifetime being humble and dismissing compliments (which perpetuates you not feeling like you have any strengths) or you think strengths are just about the awards and qualifications you’ve got. They’re not. But don’t worry, I’ll teach you to spot your own strengths and show you how they can be the gateway into developing your potential. 

Now enough reading.
Let’s get to it!
Your potential is waiting.

Now's not the right time

It's too expensive

How can a stranger help me?


What results have previous clients had?

Deciding to leave your current work in the next 6 months, to go freelancing so you can take on short-term projects which will allow you to travel and live your best life in between the contracts.

Finally going freelance

Redesigning your role

Unleashing your creativite dreams

Re-training and pivoting

By the end of us working together you’re going to have CLARITY on your next step, the CONFIDENCE to go for your dreams, and pure EXCITEMENT about the path ahead of you. 

BUT...Clarity looks different for everyone.
Here's what happened to some of my past clients.

Staying at your current work but negotiating a pay rise and pitching a new look for your role so that it includes more creative and client-facing projects.

Asking your work if you can go part-time so you can use the free time to work on a side project you’ve always wanted to create.

Getting clear on the course you need to take to re-train and pivot careers to something more stable, better paying and totally remote so you can try out that digital nomad life. 

I believe if you feel out of place or not happy at work, then that feeling is your calling. 
It’s calling you and telling you that you’re not using all your gifts and it’s time to do something about that. 

I believe you need to do a deep audit on what makes you happy before you even think about clicking on another job advert. The change you’re looking for isn’t out there, it’s in you. Grow yourself first. 

I believe there’s only so much self-development you can do alone. True growth happens when you’ve got a non-biased outsider to soundboard off, who can challenge you on our blindspots and who can be your guide and supporter as you face the fear. 

I believe we have at least 3 careers within us. I don’t believe we have to pick one thing to master, there's space for multi-passionate polymaths as well as experts in this day and age.   

I believe that the problem isn't that you're not motivated, or you procrastinate, it's that you haven't found clarity. When you get CLARITY on what life you want to create and what you want from your career, you're off and away with natural motivation and zest. Clarity gives purpose (and passion)!  

If my beliefs resonate with you, then I can safely say - I'm the coach for you (and you're the client for me!). Let's do this!

Here's what I believe....

Ready to get started?

The next step is to book a FREE Breakthrough Call. 
This call is designed to get to know each other a bit more to see if we're a match and answer any questions you have. 
Simple! All you have to do is....