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Feeling stuck?

Are you browsing jobs when you should be working?
Do you look at courses dreaming of a complete career pivot?
Are you jealous of your self-employed friends but too scared to leave the predictable salary?


1:1 career change coaching is perfect for getting clarity on the next step and giving you the confidence to take it. 

I work with clients who can’t see a way forward that speaks to THEM.
See if you relate to what they've told me:

Is this you?

"I am now stuck in a job that is killing my soul (without sounding too dramatic). I've got to the point where I don't know what I want to do and I'm scared that I don't have any useful skills to offer anyway."

 "I don't want to rush into something else work wise. I crave flexibility but I'm not finding the right role for me. I know the answers must be inside somewhere but I have no idea what my truth is anymore."

I’m nearly 40 and I still don’t know what I want to do ‘when I grow up’!? I definitely suffer from comparison-itis: why does my friend earn more? Have I failed? Have I been trying to fit a round key in a square peg? Have I wasted all these years in my current industry but actually I’m not cut out to go further? 

 "I've been in the same career for many years, and feel like it's a big risk to turn my back on it after so much investment of time. But I'm lacking motivation and fulfilment. Is it a job change or an industry change I need? I just want clarity."

If this is you, let me assure you:
there is a way out.
it starts here

I've been coaching career changers for 7 years now. 

In my 20s, I was a serial career changer. I couldn't, for the life of me, get clear on what job would make me happy.

So yeah, I know a thing or two about feeling stuck. 
I also know how to get unstuck and get clarity on the next step.  

Get Unstuck, Get Clear


  • Looking through job boards for inspiration
  • Having endless conversations with friends 
  • Brainstorming other things you can do
  • Focusing on a few key areas of your life. Basically, getting clear on one part of the puzzle and not focusing on solving the whole jigsaw.
  • Working systematically through those areas, not jumping around. This gets you focused, reduces overwhelm and saves you from going round in circles. 



I've designed a signature process that I've taken 100s of clients through. I call it the 'Clarity & Purpose' process. The process is systematic. We work through 4 key areas of your life that are major contributors to life and work satisfaction. We get clear on those before we do anything. 

The Clarity & Purpose process is key to getting clarity so it underpins all my programs. The 4 clarity pillars we focus on are - Vision, Strengths, Values & Interests. In each pillar, you'll go through a bunch of powerful exercises to unlock insights and open up possibilities. 

The Clarity & Purpose Process





Is this for you?

This is for you if…

  • You've been toying with the idea of leaving your job but you keep bottling you, so you want to take stock of your strengths so that it increases your confidence and motivation to go for it. 

  • You've been let go and this has made you wonder - do you stay in the same industry or is this the time to explore other options? So you want to get clear on your values and your vision.

  • You've been made redundant and you've decided this is the perfect opportunity to pursue your dreams, so you want to clarify the next steps and create a roadmap to get there. 
This is also for you if…

  • You’re not sure about what you want because you’re not fully clear on all your strengths and you're not sure you know what will make you happy.

  • You want to leave a toxic work place and close the chapter on that, debrief and learn from what happened, and make a plan to make sure you don't walk into another one of those situations.  

  • You've been toying with the idea of going freelance or starting a side-hustle and you want to get a sense check, make a plan and have someone keep you accountable to make the first steps. 

How it works

Everyone I work with will go through the Clarity & Purpose process.
This takes 3 months with sessions every 2 weeks. 

After that we check in and see if you're all good and sorted, or you want to pause so you can implement, or you want to continue diving deeper. 

You can continue for another 3 months or take it 1 month at a time. 

  • A deep intake survey that takes a 360 look at your world now and asks what you want to achieve over 3 months.

  • 1x 90 min Intake call

  • 5x 60 min coaching calls

  • Email summaries after coaching calls

  • Email support in between calls

  • The Clarity & Purpose worksheets 

  • Wrap-up session to celebrate, pause or continue doing deeper coaching.  


What you get

The investment

per month
(£1,500 total)


Paying monthly

buy now



  • Continue for 1 month at a time

  • Or, commit to 3 months more of coaching


ONE MONTH: Pay £500 per month

3 MONTHS: Pay 3 months in full and get a 20% discount (£1,200 total)

Focused, alive & on-purpose

Hopeful, positive & inspired

Sunday Delight

Confident in your next move


Checked out at work

Deflated & unmotivated

Sunday dread

Lost, stuck & indecisive

Go from

What results can you expect?

By the end of us working together you’re going to have clarity on your next step, confidence to go for your dreams, and excitement about the path ahead of you. 

Clarity looks different for everyone.
For you clarity could be...

Deciding to leave your current work in the next 6 months, to go freelancing so you can take on short-term projects which will allow you to travel and live your best life in between the contracts. 

Staying at your current work but negotiating a pay rise and pitching a new look for your role so that it includes more creative and client-facing projects. 

Asking your work if you can go part-time so you can use the free time to work on a side project you’ve always wanted to create. 

Getting clear on the course you need to take to re-train and pivot careers to something more stable, better paying and totally remote so you can try out that digital nomad life. 

Or getting clear on the course you want to take and crafting a proposal for your current work, or future work, to fund you so you can take the course full-time and not worry about finding part-time work. 

click here for case studies

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Coaching was an opportunity to collaborate with someone who wants to see you win. Extra motivation and advice from someone who can see things from another perspective.


I’m a straight-talking coach and there are two things I hate:

Indecision and wasting time.

Okay, technically that’s one thing because indecision causes us to waste time, but basically I want to stop both because no one feels good when they feel like an observer of life rather than a participant. 

I know because I’ve been there. I spent my 20s navigating a Quarter Life Crisis which saw me jumping from job to job, switching industries and apparently “messing up” my CV (spoiler alert: it totally didn’t).
I felt totally behind my peers and worried I was wasting precious time by not finding my ‘thing’. 

All I craved was clarity. 

Clarity on what my ‘thing’ was - my calling, my passion, my whatever you call it that makes you jump into Mondays saying ‘bring it!’. 

I knew that once I got clear on my direction that there’d be no stopping me. I had energy! But absolutely no motivation to channel it towards work that wasn’t growing me, that wasn’t meaningful, impactful or fulfilling.

Trouble was I had no clue about how to find that thing. I dreamt of a mentor to come along, spot my untapped potential, tell me about it and point me in the right direction. 

I never got that mentor but I did crack the code to finding clarity and purpose (and later I got a coach to light a fire under my ass and help me through the fear of going outside my comfort zone). 

Now it’s my mission to help fellow clarity-seekers stop wasting time and get out of indecision by getting clear on who they are, what they want and by creating a roadmap to get there (I’m all about tangible action steps!).

About me

I believe if you feel out of place or not happy at work, then that feeling is your calling. 
It’s calling you and telling you that you’re not using all your gifts and it’s time to do something about that. 

I believe you need to do a deep audit on what makes you happy before you even think about clicking on another job advert. The change you’re looking for isn’t out there, it’s in you. Grow yourself first. 

I believe there’s only so much self-development you can do alone. True growth happens when you’ve got a non-biased outsider to soundboard off, who can challenge you on our blindspots and who can be your guide and supporter as you face the fear. 

I believe we have at least 3 careers within us. I don’t believe we have to pick one thing to master, there's space for multi-passionate polymaths as well as experts in this day and age.   

I believe that the problem isn't that you're not motivated, or you procrastinate, it's that you haven't found clarity. When you get CLARITY on what life you want to create and what you want from your career, you're off and away with natural motivation and zest. Clarity gives purpose (and passion)!  

If my beliefs resonate with you, then I can safely say - I'm the coach for you (and you're the client for me!). Let's do this!

Here's what I believe....

Sabrina (who was in her early 30s) came to me feeling stuck in her career. She’d had jobs that looked great on her CV, and she enjoyed them at the beginning, but she’d always outgrow them and get bored. She was desperate for a change and didn’t want to continue with the same type of work but didn’t know how to identify what to do next instead.

By the end of our work together Sabrina had a huge mindset shift. She went from feeling extremely stuck to seeing a path forward that she felt invigorated by. When we identified her strengths and values, it became apparent that Sabrina had perfect skills for working for herself (something she had never considered) and it would suit the stage of life she was at (wanting more freedom and control of her time). We sketched out what exact work she could be doing and put a plan in place to test the waters. Opening up this new pathway for her, and seeing that she didn’t have to go for yet another interview at yet another workplace she wasn’t excited about, made her confidence levels soar from non-existent to feeling like she could pretty much achieve anything. 

Sabrina said that as a result of our sessions she felt much calmer because she knew the steps she needed to take to improve her current situation. We also worked on Sabrina learning to trust her instincts more which empowered her to steer her own course (and not need a life coach anymore!). She said “I certainly feel much more excited about things again and even my friends have noticed the change in my attitude!”


Career Change Coaching Case Studies

The key outcome you can expect from working with me is clarity and confidence. I've listed examples of clarity earlier on, here we dig deeper with a couple of case studies (names have been changed):

Sabrina (6 months coaching)




Giuliana was approaching 40 when we started working together. She had recently returned from her second maternity leave with fresh eyes and motivation to do something more worthwhile, purpose-driven, and rewarding (in both spiritual and financial ways). Her current work allowed her to work part-time, giving her much needed work/ life balance, but the work she was doing wasn’t inspiring and she felt she’d been overlooked for progression because she’d taken time off to have kids. 

We worked out 3 possible plans of action for Giuliana: 
1) Leave within the next 6 months to pursue an idea she had about creating a product. This plan would include spending the 6 months looking for a part-time job in a related field to the product.
2) Stay at her current job but ask for a pay rise and craft her role to be more client-facing and creative. 
3) Leave her current job and get a similar job but for a lot more money (she was receiving tempting offers from recruiters). 

We stress-tested those options against her strengths, values and interests to make sure they were satisfying all of them, and then started testing the waters with them. After a couple of months, it was clear which option felt like the best one for Giuliana and she moved forward with that one. 
Her results in her words: “I have moved away from the mindset of 'I hate my job so I am gonna quit' and can now reflect on all the positives of my current role and see an opportunity to weave in my interests and strengths to make the day to day more enjoyable and one I can thrive in.”


Giuliana (3 months coaching)


Action plans


Ready to start?

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Here’s the thing, if you read the news, listen to other people's fears and wait until everything is perfectly aligned to take action, you’ll find that somehow it never feels like the right time. 
Waiting for the perfect timing means you’ll miss out on the perfect opportunity to build bravery and cultivate courage.
You’ll then forever need the right circumstances to take action instead of building grit within yourself.
As your (future) coach, let me tell you, I KNOW you’re more resourceful and more creative than you give yourself credit for. But this will only come out when you learn to take a step forward despite fear. 

Still deciding?

Look, I know embarking on something unknown like coaching can be scary. Right now, you might be thinking

Truth be told, I’ve been there myself. When I first got a coach I was shocked at how much it was. But then again, I'd never really invested on myself.
I SPENT on myself (holidays, splurges etc), but I'd never INVESTED in myself. I was too was scared about spending that money because no matter how much I trusted my coach to do her thing, I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t think I could do it. Luckily my coach didn’t let me walk away. And what I learnt is that once you make that commitment, this fire lights up inside you - you're backing yourself. Then suddenly you’re not wondering whether coaching will work, you’re making damn sure it will! 

You may also be wondering how a stranger can help you. Surely the person that knows you best is you?!
Well I can help you precisely because I’m not you.
I don’t believe your doubts and I don’t follow you into your problems.
My training is in positive psychology (PP), the science of optimal human flourishing. PP has found that a solution-focused and strengths approach works miracles. And guess what, I can see your strengths better than you can. You’ve either spent a lifetime being humble and dismissing compliments (which perpetuates you not feeling like you have any strengths) or you think strengths are just about the awards and qualifications you’ve got. They’re not. But don’t worry, I’ll teach you to spot your own strengths and show you how they can be the gateway into developing your potential. 

Now enough reading, let’s get to it!
Your potential is waiting.

Now's not the right time

It's too expensive

How can a stranger help me?