A self-paced step-by-step course to get you clear on WHAT lights you up at work (and in life), so you can make a plan for HOW to get more of it (without compromising your quality of life, your values or your earning potential). 

Career Clarity Essentials

Life’s too short to do work that numbs you.
let's find out what work makes you feel alive.


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Career Clarity Essentials

Too many people put too much pressure on themselves to find THE perfect job. 
And others, have given up dreaming. 

But, I'm here to tell you that you don’t want just ONE dream job.
You want MANY. 
You want many options of all kinds of work you CAN do, and WANT to do, so you never feel trapped in a job or tied up in your work identity.

Ok here's the truth

You don't want a dream job...

You don’t want to rely on the economy to make you happy.
You don't want to wait around for opportunities to land in your lap..

You want to know HOW to create those opportunities yourself. 
And you want to know that whatever is going on in the world, you don't get dragged down, but you can adjust and thrive.  

To be in control of your career (and life)

What if you land that dreamy gig and then...

  • The boss turns out to be horrible? 
  • Or you get bored after a year?
  • Or that company folds?
  • Or AI threatens to replace your role?
  • Or you get an injury? 
  • Or you get older and can't physically maintain the demands of the job?

Between me and my clients, all of those have happened to us!

Because what if...

what you want is....

Being able to create opportunities happens when you get crystal clear on WHAT you want and WHY you want it. 

That clarity will give you the motivation and inspiration you need to work out the HOW.

Trust me, you're a lot more resourceful than you give yourself credit for. 

All you need is clarity.
And I know just how to get you that. 

I've created a Clarity Process for you to follow and it lives inside my Career Clarity Program. 

How do you do that?

To be in control of your career (and life)

How do you do that?

what you need is not another job switch, It's a mindset shift...

You take stock of you STRENGTHS and INTERESTS...
Which opens up possibilities for your next role

You then get clear on your VISION and VALUES...
Which refines those possibilities down to the ones that speak to your dreams not your fears, your growth not your comfort zone. 

Then, armed with a plan you go out and take ACTION...

Shit will come up. Your mind will resist with perfectionism and procrastination etc. 
And that's when you get to work on those with practical MINDSET exercises and tools you have in the program. 

Here's how the Clarity Process works

You follow the 6 steps in the 6 modules

— Michela Mallick, Design Consultant (now training as a Data Analyst)

Looking at career change like a mountain, this program has been my solid climbing rope. It has guided me and supported me, channeling my effort to reach the peak. I had to overcome fear of changing, a bit of self doubt, but.. as you reach the top, you know it's all worth it. Dina is fantastic and I also enjoyed the wonderful and inspiring people I met on the program. Totally recommend it.

Have opened up new possibilities for yourself that make you feel excited about your next move. 

Freed up brain space and energy that was being zapped by indecision and going round in circles 

Feel confident in pivoting into new sectors because you know how you can transfer your skills and experience

Re-connected to your intuition so you have more self-trust within yourself which will mean you are happy to take risks and put yourself out there again. 

Have clarity on exactly what the next step in your career is and how to get there.

Know how to sell yourself in an authentic manner in interviews because you now know how to talk about your strengths without boasting.

Be able to make big life decisions with ease because you would have worked out a checklist criteria for what's important to you in the next chapter

Feel like your big ‘someday’ dreams are actually achievable

By the end of this course you will:

The Results

On-demand access to 6 easy-to-follow modules. 

Access to a membership portal that houses all your training for a year.

Digestible videos of the weekly task

Worksheets and exercises that give you insights and tangible results to work with. 

Example answers to give you inspiration and ideas

Resources for job-searching and networking

Templates for emails to send when approaching people to ask for help

Prompt questions to ask in interviews and in informal coffee meets. 

Here’s what you get in the career clarity program:

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Enrol today and get immediate access

You’re in full-time, part-time employment or coming back from redundancy or a maternity break and you're wondering about the next step. 

You fell into the job you’re in and suddenly it’s been 5 years and you want to explore other avenues (but the choice is overwhelming - where do you even start?)

You don't want to be at the mercy of the fluctuating marketing and you want to start taking control of your life and career by making a plan to go freelance or self-employed.

You are coasting in your job and you hate it. You want to grow, you want to get out of your comfort zone, but you need some guidance and a group to cheer you on. 

You are in a job you like but don’t love and you’ve always secretly wanted to work for yourself but you’re either scared to take the next step or you don’t know what you’d do. 

This is for you if:

— Helena MacNeary, Executive Search

I think it's important to mention that this course also helped me to break life down and that's my biggest taking from the course.
I now have a more positive outlook about my life and career.

— Lauren Moore, Adelaide, Australia

The Career Clarity program is truly transformational for people who are stuck or unsure where they want their career to go next. I was completely stuck and needed some guidance and inspiration. Dina was able to deliver the guidance and along with the group, the inspiration. A lot of what I found very helpful was talking to other people that are in a similar position to me. It was great to make those connections and bounce ideas off each other."

●  How to ask people to connect you to others without feeling like a burden

●  What questions to ask when you go for coffee with someone

●  Where to go to expand your network

Now you're ready to take action - go job hunt, network, build connections and the rest. This module is full of tangible tips that overcome the most common hurdles such as:


●  Contest any limiting beliefs that may be lurking undetected

●  Rewrite any unhelpful narratives

●  Learn how to overcome perfectionist thinking

●  Learn how to build bravery and cultivate courage

You can have all the strategies in the world, but if your mindset is scattered or you’re drowning in fear, then none of it will help. In this module we will:


●  Decide what to pick when you have too many interests

●  Discover what to pick when you feel you have too few interests

●  Finally end procrastination as a by-product

●  Tap into intrinsic motivation

The ‘find your purpose’ and ‘follow your passion’ approach is BS. They’re too big of an ask which blocks your thinking. Instead, we simplify things and look for clues via your interests. In this module we will:


●  Get clear on your priorities

●  Discover your different drivers & how they change over time

●  Make decision-making easy again

Getting clear on your unique combination of values is like unlocking your inner GPS. Suddenly you’re no longer indecisive about the next step or unsure about what you should spend your time on. In this module we will:


●  Identify your overused, underused and natural strengths.

●  Dissolve imposter syndrome

●  End comparison-itis

●  Get clarity on your unique set of strengths and experiences

●  Open up career opportunities

If you can’t take a compliment without making excuses or name at least 5 strengths of yours THIS IS WHERE THE WORK STARTS. We end strength blindness now. In this module we will:


●  Get you dreaming big again

●  Expose unhelpful narratives that keep your dreams small

●  Define your version of success and happiness

●  Revive optimism

Over time, as a result of disappointments, rejections and failures, we learn to downsize our dreams. It’s too painful to want what (we think) we can’t have. Stop trying to fit yourself into jobs you’re too good for. In this module we will:


Here's a breakdown of the 6 modules inside the program and what specific problems each module is made to solves.

The program modules

now for the details

Enrol today and get immediate access



one-off payment

buy now

Enrol today and get immediate access

— Rebecca Wing, Creative Operations Manager

I started Dina's course feeling incredibly lost, acutely aware that I was almost 30 and at the same company that I'd joined not long after graduation. Within six weeks, Dina had helped me find the confidence, and provided me with the tools to get a new job.

"If I just land a dream job then I’ll be happy"
"If I just earn more then I’ll stop worrying"
"If I just have another qualification then I won’t feel like an imposter."

If you find yourself thinking those thoughts then STOP.
They're an illusion. 
Those thoughts aren't creating results, they're creating delay. 

Fulfilment and happiness is available to you faster and easier than you think. 
You can make it happen. 
You don't need to keep waiting for the circumstances to change. 

That's why this program has a whole module on mindset and on strengths - to get you to believe you have the power to make big positive changes in your life NOW, just through the way you think and show up. 

Do you tell yourself...

"I need to wait until.."

"Now is the wrong time"

Now is not the wrong time to change jobs
You’re not at the mercy of your company to decide the pace of your progression.
You don’t need to wait for recruiters to decide your destiny

The reality is that it’s now easier than ever to pivot careers. 
Employers aren't as obsessed with 20 years experience and hard skills. They know they can train you. 
What they want is the right attitude, transferrable skills and a willingness to learn.  

You CAN take control of your life and career. 

You just need to get crystal clear on what it is you truly want!
And this is what the program is all about. 

— Helena MacNeary, Executive Search

I found that the weekly tasks and the order of each task helped iron out the overwhelmed fog in my brain. Like magic really or like a puzzle it all fitted together in the end. It's not wishy washy. 

First, I would interrogate “impossible”. There are ways that we don’t always see.
Second, don’t peg all your happiness on one thing that’s outside of your control. It puts happiness out of reach and makes you dependent on others.
My system empowers you by giving you multiple routes to your version of happiness and success which you can start on straight away, without waiting for a job posting to pop up. There’s more than one dream job for everyone.

'I know what my dream job is but it’s impossible to get.'

I said exactly that to my first life coach about her program.I said it wasn’t the right time, I had too much on, but I would do it the following month.
She told me that if I learnt to always wait for the right timing, I would miss out on witnessing how much I was capable of. If we think we’re at the mercy of our circumstances then we will never learn to have power over them. And that sent a chill through me.
 She was right. I signed up even though I didn’t feel ready and guess what - I surprised myself with how much I achieved in that course.

'Now’s not the right time.'

You haven’t done MY worksheets before. These have been tried and tested on my one-on-one clients and they work.
I created bespoke exercises because I was left disappointed with a lot of the value exercises out there. No need to take my word for it, take my client's:

“I used to hate talking about myself and telling people what I did for a living, but after I did your Strengths and Values exercises I was so proud of my values, I started telling people what I stood for and that says so much more about me than my job title.” Charise

'I’ve done strengths and values before and it’s not made a difference.'

Some of you may have a job that’s not too shabby. It’s comfortable, it pays, there’s work life balance, changing jobs feels like a big change.
What I would ask is ‘Does your work make you feel alive?’

That’s the litmus test. Not whether you’re happy or not (we can sometimes intellectualise happiness), but whether you feel alive? What if you had all those perks and more, AND you felt alive in your days?

Don't let fear keep you satisfied with less. When we compromise and settle, we’re not even scratching the surface of what we’re truly capable of.

'My job isn’t too bad, it has perks.'

By now you’re either raring to go or you have some hesitations.
Here are some of the most common hesitations my clients have had before joining my programs:

Still deciding?

Don't let fear keep you satisfied with less.


How much time will it take?

If you do a module a week, it will take you 6 weeks.
Each module takes between 1 - 3  hours to complete. This includes watching the videos and doing the exercises. 

How much time will it take?

What age group is this for?

My clients have ranged from 27 - 45. The exercises you’ll be doing are universal.

What age group is this for?

I'm a freelancer, will it help me?

Yes. Freelancers have taken this program before when they've been at crossroads and wondering if they should go in-house again. 

I'm a freelancer, will it help me?

What if I want to work with you one-on-one after?

You can. Have a look at www.dinagrishin.com/careercoaching to see the 2 ways you can work with me. 
If you choose to go ahead with one of the programs, then you only need to pay the difference between them.  

What if I want to work with you one-on-one after?

How long do I have access to the program for?

Am I guaranteed success?

Before enrolling in the course, students agree that any success is solely dependent upon their own understanding and application of the material, content, and methods as outlined in the course.

Am I guaranteed success?

Either get in my Insta DMs or email me

Have more questions?

I personally cannot wait to help you get clear on your career…..

I remember so clearly being in the heat of my Quarter Life Crisis, in yet another job with no meaning or development (that I cared about). I was a PA to a horrible boss, I had strict working hours and spent my days endlessly rearranging his diary, desperately wishing to be the queen of my diary and call my own shots.

That was 8+ years ago. My dream finally came true!
Now I have complete freedom of my diary. I decide when I work, who I work with, what work I do and, crucially, there’s no ceiling to how much I can earn. If I could transform my life like that, you can too!

More than anything I want to help you overcome fear and transform your lives into something you’ve always dreamt of.

You may not even realise how close you are to making it happen for you. I don’t want you to give up just before that moment.

Dina x

Final word

Let's Do This