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2020 is a write off, right? Well, actually, 2020 has been a year of exorbitant inner growth. But there is a high chance you’re not seeing or appreciating your growth because the growth from this year isn’t measured with the normal tools of progress. 

That's why Review was created with updated growth measures taken from positive psychology that are more apt for 2020.  

Treat yourself to a special one-off end of year coaching experience. Review your year so you can Renew your energy, positivity and vision for the year ahead.




No matter where you are in life, we all get off track sometimes. 

January aspirations can be put on hold when life gets in the way.

An unexpected set-back here, a hurdle there and our motivation dwindles,
our confidence fades and momentum halts. 

We get to December and just want to sack it all off and indulge in Christmas movie marathons.

We tell ourselves that we’ll start afresh in January, we’ll worry about goals then. 

This happens most years, but my oh my was 2020 a bumper year!

This year has swooped in like a hurricane upheaving plans, careers, emotions, and futures, leaving you shaken up and wondering where you even begin with taking the next step. 

It can be hard to rev up motivation by yourself. 

What makes it waaay easier is having someone else there to help you.  

Sports teams, athletes, all have coaches for that crucial post-match debrief. It renews and refocuses them for the next match. 

Imagine having a coach on your side for the post 2020 debrief?
How fricking awesome would that be??

That's why I've created a one-off coaching package called Review + Renew to treat you to a special debrief. Reflect on the year, recalibrate yourself, and roadmap for the future.

Is this the Christmas gift you've secretly always wanted?

Co-created roadmap


Review worksheet

The Review + Renew session

You get a guided self-reflection questionnaire to fill out before the session. 





1) Review prep

2) Review + Renew call

This is a 60 minute video call over Zoom. 

First 30 mins (2020): we review the questionnaire, recognise progress, pinpoint patterns, and identify areas of growth.

Second 30 mins (2021): we hone in on 1 - 2 areas of growth and we co-create a roadmap to feeling fulfilled and proud in those areas in the year. It’s not a fixed series of steps, it’s a dynamic plan with various pathways to make sure you can progress no matter what life throws at you.  

3) Renewal roadmap + audio

You get an audio recording of the session and the roadmap worksheet you can use throughout the year to keep you on track. 

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60 mins

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You can’t see a way forward (that inspires you)

You feel like you haven’t achieved much this year

You love worksheets, but get your best ideas and lightbulb moments from talking things though. This is the best of both worlds!

Review + Renew is perfect

You’re interested in coaching but don’t want to commit to a package

You crave a brainstorming partner to open up your options. 

You've been left feeling bruised and deflated due to redundancy or furlough

for you if:

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To dissolve regret and frustration and leave the year feeling proud, peaceful and positive. 

To have a renewed sense of focus and excitement.

What you can expect:

Feel relieved because you’ve simplified the next steps and they feel manageable.

Feel empowered because you have multiple paths to growth and happiness.

Sound good?


Good, I have answers

Can I do this program in January?

Yes, these sessions will be available until end of Jan 2021

Can I do this program in January?

This sounds great, can I buy this as a gift for someone?

What a unique and wonderful gift! Yes you can! You simply pay for the session and email over the name and email address of the recipient. A digital gift voucher will be emailed to you and the recipient on your chosen date. 

This sounds great, can I buy this as a gift for someone?

I don’t feel I’ve achieved much this year, would I get any value from this?

Hell bloody yes! In fact if you feel like that then stop everything you’re doing and get this session in your life right now. We’re often our own worst critic, we readily dish out compliments to other people and leave none for ourselves. 
We’re so used to being in the ‘doing’ mode that we get stuck in seeing everything that’s NOT done yet. We don’t have time to appreciate what we HAVE done. It’s always on to the next thing. 
We have made it into such a habit that it’s a struggle to get out of that mode. That’s why we need someone else, a coach, an objective fresh pair of eyes to tell us straight: ‘That’s a bloody achievement, stop downplaying it and really take it in.’ Otherwise, we’ll never learn to be happy now, we’ll always be ‘happy when I’ve done X’. 

I don’t feel I’ve achieved much this year, would I get any value from this?

How do I book the call?

As soon as your payment has gone through, you will receive an email with a scheduler link to book yourself in the open slots in Dec & Jan. You can reschedule up to 48 hours if you need to. 

How do I book the call?

What if I can’t find any slots that suit me? 

We’ll make it work! All you have to do is email back preferred times and dates and we’ll figure it out. 

What if I can’t find any slots that suit me? 

I have other questions, how can I get in contact with you?

Email me at

I have other questions, how can I get in contact with you?

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