Turn problems
into possibilities

How to take control of your career (& your fears) in uncertain times

7 September 2022

5 - 6pm (BST)

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Webinar Takeaways

  • Learn how to tame fear so that you’re not afraid of failure and you actually get excited about trying something new. 

  • Learn how to avoid the Emotional Spiral of Doom which causes career changers to lose confidence and become stuck in jobs they don’t love.

  • Leave with practical tools to help you navigate change with confidence and ease. 

  • Learn the proven Clarity & Purpose process for getting crystal clear on what meaningful and fulfilling work looks like to you, and how you can find it. 

  • Open up your career options by learning how to tackle the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. 

  • Leave feeling truly excited because you've got a plan and a clear picture of what to do in the coming months to future-proof your career. 


I’m an accredited life and career coach with a degree in psychology and a masters in positive psychology. 

I’m also a career change expert who has helped hundreds of clients get clear on the next step. 

Sometimes that next step is leaving their jobs or industries.

Other times, it’s about staying, but morphing their role into something that makes them excited to go to work. 

Whatever that next step is for you, I have a proven process that will help you figure it out. 

It’s called my Clarity & Purpose process and it helps you not only figure out what you want NOW, but it equips you with the skills to navigate any future change with ease. 

This is the process that helped me open up possibilities I never thought about to me, like working for myself! 

Can't wait to meet you at the webinar!

I'm Dina. 
Your straight-talking coach.

Hey there!

Dina x

— Ana Ferreira-Hilario, Portugal

I no longer feel trapped, stuck, unmotivated, and searching for the next big thing. I can’t thank Dina enough

Who this is for?

  • You’ve been thinking about leaving your work for a while, but all this talk of 'uncertain times' ahead is making you think twice. 

  • You’re scared that now is not a good time to leave your work so you want to put a plan in place that you'll action when the time is right. 

  • You're longing to try something new, but you don't want to risk leaving the security of a pay check.

  • You’ve lived through unprecedented times, now we’re going towards uncertain times, but you’re done putting your personal and professional growth on hold. You're ready for the next chapter.

  • The idea of remaining in your job to ‘see out’ the recession gives you a knot in your stomach. You don’t know what you want, but you do know you can't stay where you are.  

  • You’re worried your role isn’t safe so you want to make a career plan to safe-guard your future. 


This isn't my first rodeo...

Here are just some of the messages I've received from lovely people about my webinars. I'm showing this not to brag, but to reassure. You're going to get value.

'Hello Dina. I was just passed along a recording of your GA webinar Bye Bye Burnout, Hello Breakthrough. Thanks for the valuable tips and tricks! This is exactly what I needed dealing with my independent projects this year. Your methods are very compelling.'

- Omar, software developer

Hi Dina! Sorry I meant to reach out earlier😊 I attended your talk about career change at the GA and wanted to let you know that it was very inspiring and informative. You're also really nice to listen to! Also quite confronting and reassuring in the sense that it's still okay to change paths and follow your heart in what you do! So thank you 😊

- Natascha, freelance creative designer

Hi Dina! I recently watched your GA Quarter Life Crisis webinar and nothing has ever hit so close to home! I'm trying to find a better career path and now know I have been cocooning for way too long. I wanted to say thank you for your time and all of the advice that you provided.

- Angela, project coordinator

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