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Gain clarity on your life and career in the space of an hour

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you losing sleep over trying to make a decision about your work? 

  • Have you gone over it a million times with friends and family and you’re still none the wiser? 

  • Or do you have no one to talk to it about because of confidentiality or because no one else gets your position?

  • OR do you know something feels off, but you can't put your finger on what it is?

  • Do you crave some fresh eyes on your situation and an outsider’s perspective to give you the clarity you need to take action?

  • Or are you thinking of making a big life change (eg. moving countries, leaving a relationship or friendship) and want to know if the fear you’re feeling is the good kind, or a warning not to do it?


If so, then you need the power hour!

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
 Albert Einstein

Let's talk benefits

  • Help you connect all the dots in each aspect of life

  • Give you clarity on what to prioritise

  • Help you get out of a rut 

  • Help you see your situation from a different point of view

  • Save you time by preventing any more paralysis by analysis

  • Help you break down any big problems into small steps

  • Give you a taste of what it’s like to work with a coach 


The Life & Career Audit will:

The Life and Career Audit is a simple but powerful 60 min call where I will ask you questions that will cut through your mental clutter to give you the insight you need and the clarity you seek. 

Let's do this


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This small investment of your time and money could change your trajectory forever.


"I am going forward feeling more confident."

I thought the audit was clear and simple which is great! Having a professional person give their unbiased opinion and make me see there is actually a plan in place was really valuable. I am going forward feeling more confident.


"I got the clarity and confidence to pursue my next steps all within an hour!"

The Life & Career Audit really sorted me out with a work issue; after completing the pre-session questionnaire then speaking with Dina and delving further into my answers, I got the clarity and confidence to pursue my next steps all within an hour!


I'm Dina, your coach.

And I LOVE helping people get unstuck. 

I know what it's like to be going round in circles trying to make a decision about something. You wake up dead certain that you want to do X and then by the evening, you're convinced you need to do the opposite. I've been there!

I know that in those moments all you want is CLARITY. 

I also know that clarity doesn't come from just looking at the problem. It comes from looking at the bigger picture and seeing how everything is connected. 

Which is why I adore delivering these Audits. I get to play detective and join the dots with you and delight with you when everything clicks into place and you get the flash of inspiration. 

So if you're reading this, book yourself in and let me help YOU get that clarity you want. 


Hey there!

Dina x

What happens in the call?

  • I will email you a report within 48 hours with a summary of insights you've made in the session and a list of actions you can take to get solutions, complete with necessary resources.

  • You won't get coaching thrust down your throat if it's not suitable. 

  • If coaching is recommended, you'll get a personalised package designed for your solution. 

The 3 steps of the Audit.


  • Pay
  • Schedule call
  • Fill in the Pre-Call Questionnaire which asks about your problem and about other connected parts of your life and career.


  • I will ask questions about the problem but also other parts of your life (eg. your support network, sleep, stress, previous experience etc), because everything is connected! 

  • Already you can expect to get lightbulb moments through being asked awareness-raising questions and seeing patterns emerge. 


Let's do this


book now

The Power of the Power Hour

Here are even more reasons why this power hour is just so good:

  • The main problem isn't always the true cause of your frustration or unhappiness. We're not always good at self-diagnosis because we are too close to our problems to see the wood for the trees. There's usually a deeper issue at play (for an example of how this shows up in coaching, read THIS blog). An experienced coach can spot if there's something else at play. 

  • Your coach has seen 100s of life and career dilemmas play out so will easily be able to zone in on what your problem is easily. 

  • Having an outsider perspective is so powerful that it's sometimes all you really need to help you move forward.

  • It can be really reassuring to know you're on the right track because we all have moments of self-doubt. 

  • Sometimes we don't realise we're fixating on one part of our life to overcompensate for another part of our life where we don't feel we have control. Talking things through out loud is a powerful tool for giving you insight into where you've gone out of balance in your life so you can make the necessary changes to get back into flow and ease. 


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