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One-to-One monthly coaching to help get focused in your business (and life) so you can charge what you’re worth, work with clients you love and have that work life fun balance you’ve been craving for. 

Coaching for

Self-Employed Creatives

Being a self-employed creative is one of the bravest things you can do. 

There's no script, no tried-and-tested formula for how you do this. 

Others have done what you've done before, but every creative is different. 

So how do you know you're doing it right?
How do you know if this is the correct amount of doubt to feel? 
Are there better ways of organising your work and time?


Someone who's coached creatives before. 
Someone who's done it themselves before. 
Someone who can cheerlead, as well as challenge. 
Someone who knows how to work WITH the mind, not against it. 
Someone to hold you accountable to do the work, but that can recommend strategies and shortcuts you may not know. 

The problem

Get you know YOUR personal creative working mode so you can work WITH it, not AGAINST it. 
Some creatives work well in intense bursts, others need spaciousness in their schedule and time doing nothing. 
Some need a quiet airy space, others need other creatives around them. 
Discovering how you work best is the most freeing thing you can do for yourself. No more mental punishment for 'wasting' time. We'll work out a schedule that works to yous strengths and that actually sticks. 

The Possibilities

What you choose to focus on in your coaching sessions is totally up to you.
But here's a taste of the areas we zone in on that truly move the needle in your growth. 

Money, pricing and visibility (putting your work out there) - it's all connected! We work on overcoming the fear of criticism and rejection, so you can share your work with the world (in a way that doesn't give you the ick) and you can set your prices that reflect your value (so you don't end up undercharging, overworking and burning out). 

Your creative process

Money, pricing & visibility

How do you keep going through the dips? By getting clear on what fulfils you, where you want to go, and what it's all for. Zoning in on your strengths, values and vision is going to help you build unshakeable direction, focus and self-belief through the process. 

Vision, values & strenghts

— Katie Bauer, artist & photographer

When I went to Dina, I felt like I had no direction at all, so it was difficult to even articulate where I could use the help. She was able to pinpoint things I needed to hear to find my own clarity. 
She helped me understand myself better. Even though I had done so many years of self discovery, journaling, and self help, nothing beats having a one on one conversation with someone who is trained to see what you're not seeing.

How it works

Everyone signs up for 3 months so we have time to get to know each other, work on your goals, and build some momentum. 

After that we check in and see if you're all good and sorted, or you want to pause so you can implement, or you want to continue diving deeper. 

You can continue for another 3 months or take it 1 month at a time. 


Your next step is to fill out a short application form and schedule a call.
This call and form is to assess your fit for this program.
 and answer any questions you have. 
 This offer is only available for self-employed creatives and freelancers. 

  • A deep intake survey that takes a 360 look at your world now and asks what you want to achieve over 3 months.

  • 1x 90 min Intake call for the first month

  • 1 x 60 min call per month

  • Email summaries after coaching calls

  • Unlimited support via Telegram (similar to WhatsApp) in between sessions for texts or voice notes. 


What you get

The investment

per month
(£1,050 total)


Paying monthly




  • Continue for 1 month at a time

  • Or, commit to 3 months more of coaching


ONE MONTH: Pay £350 per month

3 MONTHS: Pay 3 months in full and get a 10% discount (£945 total)

You’ll get your portfolio, website, offerings all finally done. Hello accountability!

You’ll work through any sneaky money blocks you may have so you can raise your rates, create sustainable income and clear your fear of success (that’s a legit fear that people don’t even know they have!)

We’ll work on defining your version of success and develop a roadmap to get you there. Is it 4 day working weeks? Is it travelling and working? Is it winning awards or making a difference to causes you’re passionate about?

You get to learn psychology tricks to help you work more effectively. Ciao procrastination!

You will leave with a deep knowledge of how to hone your specific creative process so you don’t get burnt out and you know how to set yourself up for success.

By the end of this program you will:

The results

— Elodie Fromenteau, Fashion Stylist & Creative Director

Coaching has given me a real sense of discipline - Organising myself more efficiently as a freelance stylist has helped my time management considerably and has therefore taken my business to next level. Dina's words were priceless, I really connected with her in the sense that she understood so brilliantly the message that I want to communicate in this world and I am beyond excited for my future - forever grateful.”

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You’ve been working as a creative for a while now. This program isn’t for fresh graduates.

You’ve done some personal development work already but you crave some one-on-one attention to expedite your personal growth.

Deep down love what you do, even if you’re a bit burnt out now, you always want to be doing something creative. 

You have big dreams and ideas for what your future life looks like. It’s ok if the dreams feel a bit too big or far away, we’ll get them closer to you! 

You are an action taker. If there’s meaningful homework to do, you’ll do it because you want to grow and get feedback. 

You have causes and projects you really care about and you want to make a difference in this world (in whatever way that is for you).

This is for you if:

Yes, but can career coaching help ME?

That's all we really want to know, right?
Well, here are some professions I've helped before.
And you can check out the client case studies HERE.

Wanna see if I can help you?

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  • Creative Directors

  • Graphic Designers

  • Business Analysts

  • IT Consultants

  • Photographers

  • Artists

  • Fashion Designers

  • UX Designers

  • Jewellery Designers

  • Hair Salon Owners
  • Art Directors

  • Researchers

  • Marketing

  • Sales managers

  • Communications Manager

  • Account managers

  • Operations managers

  • Team leaders

  • Policy Advisors

  • Strategists

Tilly Kaye, Founder of Zero to Product. 

Before I started working with Dina I was all caught up in stress about what I thought I SHOULD be doing with my work whereas now I'm much happier just enjoying what I AM doing. She's helped me to relax and enjoy my work more, build confidence and visibility among peers and clients. To recognise strengths and put energy there, building on an already good thing. She really helped me get over certain hurdles too, by breaking the tasks down into manageable enjoyable steps and with a real focus on progress not perfection which helped me so much!

 for the creative soul

To give you a flavour of my teaching and my beliefs, here are two Instagram videos I shot sharing gems from other creatives.

Creatives are the cultural heroes we need

When your creative work feels hard


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